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Pregnancy Care

Induced labours, epidurals, Forceps/vacuum extractions and C-sections have become more and more common with the birthing process since the 70’s.

Due to the inherent risks these procedures carry, more and more women are now turning to natural, active births and incorporating Chiropractic into their pre-natal care.

Caring for pregnant mothers assists in not only supporting her health but also the development of the baby.

As the baby begins to grow the centre of gravity of the pregnant mother will begin to shift forward. This places increased stress on the pelvis, discs, and facet joints of the lumbar spine. Hormone changes also cause ligament laxity and can result in instability throughout the joints of the body.

Chiropractic care during pregnancy maintains proper alignment of the body, with a specific focus on balancing out the pelvis to ensure ideal position and movement for the growing baby. This will also help reduce postural compensations and the common aches and pains some women experience during pregnancy.

Emotionally, Chiropractic will assist in decreasing stress hormones like cortisol, assist sleep and increase confidence in your ability to birth naturally.

In contrast a misaligned pelvis may affect the baby’s ability to get into the best possible position for delivery. This can affect the mother’s chances of having a non-invasive natural birth.

To find out more about how pregnant women are adjusted please feel free to contact the practice.

(This info is compiled from Module 1 Inspiral Resources by Drs Genevieve and Rosemary Keating)